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It’s not only about the Camera Gear you use

The gear you use to create your art.

This is just a little note, to myself, but maybe and hopefully you will benefit from it as well.

Gear isn’t everything.

I use to think that ‘if only I had THAT camera and THAT lens then my photography would be SO much BETTER!

Truth be told, I actually don’t know if it would have helped. You see, I still don’t have the BEST camera on the market. The only camera that helped me was my first digital camera when I made the move from film roughly 14years ago. But it wasn’t really the camera, it was just that I was able to see results instantly and learn from my mistakes.

I think the secret to a good photograph or a great photograph is the technical skill, the know-how of the camera and what it is you want to accomplish. It’s not about the Camera, it’s about if you know what you are doing and the only way to get that right is through practice. Practice! Practice!! Practice!!!

My favorite photo was taken with my old film camera.

I photographed a lot of stuff with my first digital camera, a Canon 350D, which I still have. Come to think of it, I would actually love to take that camera out of it’s box, charge the battery and take it for a test drive. Would by so cool I think!

What do you need for good photographs?

So what do I need? REALLY need to take good photos?


I think that is the most important element, of course knowing how to work the light and use the settings on the camera to get the desired effect is important too, but it’s all got to do with the light! Good…Quality…Light!

Just a simple test, take a photo indoors using your phone and then take a photo outdoors during the day where there is some nice lighting, you’ll immediately see a difference in the quality of the photo. Guaranteed.

Just light?

Nope… You actually do need to, as I’ve mentioned above, practice! This is really just a little bit of advise for me… a little kick in the behind to get practicing and go take photographs. Only way I will get better.

It’s so easy to forget about that, that teeny tiny little bit of advise, practice makes perfect! I guess the biggest problem isn’t always the camera or the light, it’s the laziness! The Excuses of why I’m not taking photographs (practicing).

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