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It’s Spring Time

Spring TIme

Day 32 – It’s Spring Time or Time for Spring

On August 1st we celebrated the beginning of Spring. The long nights and cold weather is still with us, but we celebrate the promise and hope of warmer weather, soon to arrive…

It’s time for spring cleaning, getting rid of the old, making space, cleaning and clearing out. Getting ready for new beginnings.

Although I’ve seen that there is always a surprise of a cold front hitting us middle to late August, it’s officially Spring!… (A few years ago it snowed in Pretoria towards the end of August.)

Spring TIme
Day 32


I want to start celebrating the seasons again; The Wheel of The Year. I want to teach and learn the twins about Mother Nature. Especially now that they are getting older and able to understand things.

I’ll take it slow, and progress as they get older.

For now, this weekend my plan is to wash the windows, and start emptying closets.

I bought a plant for the garden (my photo for today). According to the tag it’s a Brachyscome, Fresco Candy.. Basically a Daisy! It has the most beautiful pink colour I’ve seen in a long time.

This season, year, I want to give more attention to our garden, have lots of ideas that will take some time, but it’s exciting, a little side project for me… and maybe I can ‘play’ in the mud with the twins! haha

I also bought fertilizer for the grass, it’s time for them to wake up and grow. Need some green grass to sit and play on this Summer.

More Photographs

Here’s some more photos of the Brachyscome / Daisy that I took.

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