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It’s Throwback Thursday Time

Throwback Thursday – Film

I did some digging, some soul searching if you like. The post of yesterday about The Tarot Cards and my journey with them made me little nostalgic so I decided to dig a little in my past.

I’ve talked about where my Tarot Journey started, now let me tell you a bit about my photography journey, just a little about where my passion for flower/still life photography came from.

Nikon F60
Nikon F60

Before digital came out, or became huge, I bought myself a film camera, a Nikon F60 (pictured). That was my first ‘PRO’ camera. I always, since about 6 or 7, wanted a camera that had interchangeable lenses. Finally!

One of my favourite photos taken with the Nikon was this Gerbera Daisy below.

Throwback Thursday
Taken with Nikon F60 Film Camera


I was asked to photograph a wedding, with my film camera… OMFG, the most stressful day in my life, but I learned SO much!

After that I decided I HAVE to get digital if I want to continue photography, Film too stressful.

I received my first Digital about 14 years ago in 2006 I think, a Canon 350D.

Canon 350D

These roses were taken with the 350D, that’s where my passion for nature & still life photography Really started to take off.

I really enjoyed this and had an amazing time photographing these flowers. These were actually my first ‘real’ photographs I took with my 350D camera after I received it. Some of the best times were spend with my camera and a flower; photographing and experimenting with different light set ups and arrangements in studio. Or waking up early to catch a beautiful sunrise, pictured below.

Damn that camera took a lot of photographs. Everything after these flowers; weddings, fitness, fashion, musicians, live shows, portraiture and dogs, that camera took it all, until I received my next camera, a Canon 7D.


Sometimes I regret jumping from one subject matter to the next, just wish 14 years ago I kept doing what I enjoyed, even if I just kept doing it on the side.

I sometimes wonder if I stuck it out, kept photographing still life and nature and do what I loved/enjoyed to do the first time (still with my film camera), where would I have been today? Eish.

If I didn’t jump from one thing to the next, would I have lived my dream by now? OR not yet? Is it the right time for me to start now, or am I too late? Did the ship sail? Have I missed the bus? Am I really too late to pursue this path of photographing what I love and selling it as wall art? Sometimes I lie awake at night… wondering.

But I have chosen to do this now (again) for one last time. But for the first time I am really having fun! The twins brought out the fun side in me. It took while but I’m starting to have fun!

The problem was I always wait for everything to be perfect before I start. This time I’m just jumping and hope for a net, and on my way down, learning and having fun! (ok, it took a while for me to come to that realization) but I am here, doing it and having fun, and for me THAT is the most important part!

I’m too old, or old old enough to really care anymore. I’m here to have fun now and enjoy the last years of my life. However many there still are. If 2020 taught us, me, anything, is to start enjoy life. You never know!

I’m not going to wait for things to be 100% perfect any more, NOTHING ever is!

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