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Lavender Notes

Day 10 – Some Lavender from the garden

I had an idea last night for a photo of some lavender from our garden. I ended up forgetting about the idea I had until I saw the prop in the kitchen AFTER I took and edited the photo for today! Luckily I have a few ideas with the prop.

I started with photographing a close up, same setup as yesterday’s photo. Having totally forgotten about the original idea I started with some light painting, (I did that yesterday as well, but didn’t use the photo, was just playing around.) I then saw the camera battery was at 17%, couldn’t do light painting as I keep the shutter open for a few seconds to a minute which would eat the rest of the battery very quickly.

After a few boring close ups and the light painting idea out of the window, I started playing with shadows. I put the lavender on a piece of paper and started moving an LED light around so that the lavender would cast some nice shadows on the paper.

Day 10

I like the final product. The edit has a sort of Vintage feel to it..

Here is the before picture, playing with the length of the shadows using an LED light.

Battery charging for tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Lavender Notes

  1. Wow! That is amazing. 😍

    1. 😊 Thank you.

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