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Day 17 – Just Leaves

Today I tried to go bit minimal and tried to go vertical as well.

Also try Black & White again. This is only my second Black & White photograph this past 17 days.

Happy with the end result.


These leaves are part of the bouquet I bought yesterday.

This photo was rotated in post.

The leaves were actually attached with Prestik to a ruler, hanging upside down from a shelf next to my photo-taking-area.

The idea was to leave it upside down, but after importing the photo, and playing with the editing , I rotated the photograph and quite like it this way.


Today is a very cold day. Tomorrow predicted to be colder. But from the weekend it seems to be warming up again.

I miss the summer. I don’t like Winter anymore. I thought I liked winter. NO!. I’m more of an Autumn guy, when it’s not too hot and not too cold…

4 thoughts on “Leaves

  1. I love your leaf… Light, dark and mid-tone. What a clever idea hanging it from a ruler upside down. Artists are problem solvers!
    I know it is bitterly cold 🥶🥶 autumn is my favorite season too… It’s so comfortable and pleasant in autumn. 👋👋

    1. Haha. Yeah I’m all Mcguyver over here. 😂
      I so agree on the autumn. Seems to be starting to warm up a little here and might see some 20’s soon. 🙏

    2. I thought it was warming up but I don’t know… I think I need to make a fire🔥🔥🤔

  2. […] thought I would hang these upside down like the leaves, and photograph them. There were 2 stems with ‘berries’ and thought hanging next to […]

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