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Lemon Slices

Day 15 – Slice of Life

I have a few lemons left from Day 11 so I thought I would go Macro and get a close up of a slice of lemon. Now if ONLY I could have gone and bought some Tequila, today would be a good day for Tequila!

Few things I realised:

Before I had studio lights I LOVED natural light photography and thought of being only a natural light photographer, then I bought wireless remote triggers for my flash and fell in love with artificial light photography and also got a studio light and thought I would NEVER go back to natural light, until now.

All the photographs I’ve taken so far are all natural light, OK except the Lavender shot, but I totally fell in LOVE with natural light again, and quite enjoy ‘shaping’ the light using modifiers to ‘fill in’ light into the shadows.

Day 15


I received word from my friend this morning that a mutual friend of ours, my ex to be exact, have passed away this morning thanks to covid. We haven’t spoken in years, but knew each other for more than 20 years and dated for a few months in the early 2000’s.

It came as a huge shock and I’m more shocked than I thought I would be, or should be? Not sure. But it really is sad, this whole life thing. I think I’m more sad for her little boy who has no one now, just his aunt, didn’t have a father, and no more grandparents. Just my friend’s sister. Just so sad that he has to continue life without her.

RIP Z. I’m sorry!

3 thoughts on “Lemon Slices

  1. Ohhhh I am sorry to hear about your friend. Covid is a mean stealthful virus, not considerate of age or circumstances. It is very, very sad about the son but I hope he finds the right path in life and that he has a wholesome home with his aunt. My grandfather lost his mother in child birth then his brother and father in the boer war. He was raised by his aunt.

    I love natural lighting, both my cousin and my daughter uses it a lot, they are both photographers. I use natural light because it feels more intuitive, but it could also be because I don’t really know what I am doing 😁🤔

    1. Thank you, yeah I don’t quite understand how this virus decides who goes and who stays. So very sad and tragic..
      I’m sure he is in good hands..

      haha, I like your truth “don’t really know what I am doing”

      But yeah, when I started I stayed with natural light because I didn’t understand artificial light.. No ‘learning’ natural light again!

    2. Thank you for commenting 😁👍yeah I tend to take photos for images and references for my art, I leave the real photography to photographers 😜

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