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Day 11 – Lemons

When life gives you lemons… you take a photo!

Finally it’s Friday… The weekend is here and I can’t believe it’s almost 2 weeks of me taking a photo every day…Very happy and very happy with the photos so far… Except one or 2, but it’s an adventure, a journey I’m taking… And I’m enjoying the ride!

Today I photographed some lemons courtesy of our neighbour and their lemon tree.

I had the same setup as with the bananas. Placed the lemons on a wooden cutting board and after playing with the setup and arranging the lemons, I cut one open and very happy with the result, just them lying there looked very boring!

I did some ‘dodging & burning’, one of my favourite editing ‘tools’, to add some contrast.

I’m happy with the outcome!

Day 11

Looking forward to the next 11 days! Although I have no idea of what to photograph next!! mmmm

Here’s hoping for a nice calm weekend, probably cold, today feels VERY cold!!!

I bought new keyboard today, yesterday I spilled a whole cup of coffee on my keyboard. Keyboards DON’T like coffee!!! This morning the keyboard didn’t work anymore, so I went shopping for a new one. Now I have to get use to this one… Amazing how comfortable you get with a keyboard and just ‘know’ where all the keys are… But this new one is awesome, with keys you can assign commands to. Amazing!

Enjoy the Weekend!!!

4 thoughts on “Lemons

  1. Eish… Coffee all over the keyboard 😩 sorry to hear that!

    1. 🙂 it’s ok, getting use to the new one every day, the keys are just bit smaller, so have to concentrate when typing, will hopefully know where the keys are sometime in the future! 🙂 hahaha

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