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Lessons from taking a Photo a Day

Lessons Learned

Day 51 – Lessons learned from taking a photo every day; for the past 51 Days

Firstly, I actually can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 51 Days straight, like Area-51, it’s a mystery, just a mystery how I’ve been able to stick with it, and made it work, in some way. I’m an Aries guy; should have given up long time ago, especially because there is no obvious benefit that is clearly visible to me.

Unlike my gym routine, been doing it non-stop since May 2007. But I keep doing it because I see results and it makes me feel good.

Yesterday I wrote about finding beauty in the ordinary; taking a closer look, then I thought maybe I should stop looking for the major benefits and look closer.

What have I learned from taking a photograph, making art every-single-day… for the past 51 days that is!

Day 51

Few lessons learned

So here is a few lessons I’ve learned, nothing too special, but maybe you can use it too or take note of it as well, and maybe find something useful for yourself, maybe.

  • MacGyver

Use what I have. In the past I gave on a lot of photos and opportunities, because I didn’t have the ‘right tools’ to get the job done, to get the photograph I want. If I needed a tripod, instead of making it work without one I bought the cheapest one, instead of saving for a decent one, which didn’t really help me anyway. I didn’t have studio lights so I didn’t pursue portraiture, because I thought I DO need a studio with flashes (it’s the dream they sell you).

I didn’t follow some kind of passion because I NEVER had the best equipment, so always gave up, STUPID ME.

I did once make it work. Way back in 2007 I think, before I received my first digital camera, I tried photographing a Daisy in ‘studio’ with my film camera and a flash on the camera body (before I could afford off-camera-flash equipment). By holding the camera vertical, I could bounce the flash of a white board back onto my subject, against a white board on the opposite side thereby lighting the flower, perfectly!

The past 51 days I had to improvise a few times, because I was too stubborn to give up, because I HAD to take a photo. I’ve hung a leaf from a string attached to a ruler to take a photo. I’ve bounced light (thankfully I can use off-camera-flash now) from pieces of paper. Flowers and leaves were stuck together with prestik and duct tape. And also using the sun and a scrim to create white backgrounds.

  • Look Closer

A few times I’ve taken a photo, a macro photo, and then I realized there were a hair on the flower that just looks bad. I’ve learned to look closer at the subject. It’s amazing that your are zoomed in 1:1 and still miss something the is LIFE SIZE in front of you. Sometimes I was able to edit the hair or something out, other times I had couldn’t and deleted an otherwise GOOD photo.

  • Just DO It

There’s been countless days where I haven’t planned anything and then I rush to find something to photograph, most of the times I surprise myself at what I can find, and that I think has helped me as well. THINK QUICK, and stop ever analyzing everything.

That is also the benefit of the Photo Every Day challenge, I can’t back out (well I can but won’t, or try not to) so therefore I HAVE to do it, and can’t look for excuses to DO IT TOMORROW.

  • Look Again

With my new Philosophy of “finding the beauty in the ordinary” I am now looking with ‘new’ eyes at the everyday flower. Instead of looking at a lavender or a rose or a daisy or a grape, I’m looking at how I can create a photograph that resembles art and not a snapshot, how can I make this normal object/subject look arty. How can I change my view point to make this look interesting and not boring. Get a new perspective on something ordinary and make it extraordinary.

  • Writer

I’m not a fan of the socials anymore and I made a conscious decision to not share my photos on there, or if I do (I did a few times) not to share ONLY ON THERE. I decided to Blog about every photo, every day. So taking a photo a day, deciding to blog about it, is sort of helping me become a better writer…hopefully… I use to love blogging way back in the beginning, and missed that… Now I’m doing it again, EVERY DAY, and loving it!

  • Doing

I’m also actually DOING something, positive, for my art business. Maybe one of the less clearer things, but I believe it can only benefit me by doing something every day, instead of waiting for inspiration to strike. I’ve taken a few really STUNNING photos, that I’ve never taken before, that just makes me go WOW, and maybe if I waited for inspiration to strike I would have been able to produce that image, but maybe not…maybe I would have waited another year before I took another photo, or maybe I would have given up completely by now.. Who knows.

Maybe you’re not suppose to do things when you are inspired, maybe Inspiration comes when you do things!

OK, this wasn’t huge revelations, but it’s stuff I’ve noticed, and not everything is maybe photography related, but it’s something, a benefit I noticed. So I am not complaining!

4 thoughts on “Lessons from taking a Photo a Day

  1. Well done, I am happy for you ๐ŸŽถit’s good to see what one has learned from things too.

    1. Thank you so much..
      if one take a moment to reflect, one realize you learned/are learning more than what you think…

      ps. I read your latest blog post… will comment on it this weekend… time…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. You are welcome, and thank you I look forward to hearing from you. I am really getting a lot out of it and we have only had two lectures so far… Plus the ongoing assignment.

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