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Day 41 – Morticia Addams

I received a dead bouquet to photograph from Inge’s mom. It’s a beautiful flower arrangement with daisies, roses and a beautiful protea as the main attraction.

I decided to focus on a pink rose with the dark foliage around it.

I also made the editing dark, somewhat mysterious and gothic, to fit with the dead of the bouquet flowers.

Day 41

It reminds me of the darkest lady of them all. Morticia Addams, from ‘The Addams Family‘.

When I was younger this was one of my favourite movies, Morticia Addams my favourite character, played by Anjelica Huston as well as Wednesday Addams played by Christina Ricci.

My favourite quote from Morticia Addams:

Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.

Morticia Addams

Such true words… In real life too, what is normal for us, might be abnormal and chaos for someone else… Other people’s lives can be mysterious, and we are sometimes quick to judge other people’s decisions and life choices.

Sometimes we are too quick to judge our own choices and decisions.

14 thoughts on “Morticia

  1. […] I decided to go Macro today and focusing on the layers of the rose from the dead bouquet. […]

  2. […] I decided to go Macro today and focusing on the layers of the rose from the dead bouquet. […]

  3. I like the quote… What is normal anyway?

    1. Exactly. I listened to a podcast yesterday where they talked about quality of art etc. And asked who decides what is the best quality. Or good quality.
      Same with normal. Who decides. 🤷‍♂️☺️

    2. Yes! I think there needs to be an internal guiding force within and we need to be True to that. That’s what I am learning to do. It can sound easy in theory but in practice it can be quite challenging.

      I am signed up for a Jungian art and individuation course that I am starting on Saturday. I hope it will be helpful and inspiring. As one can only really be true to oneself if one knows oneself. So I think ultimately we need to decide for oneself.😊

    3. Totally agree, that’s where I find meditation also help.. to quiet the noise outside and focus on your internal voice/guidance…
      Jungian like in Carl Jung? That sounds fascinating!
      I like his work, and would like to dive deeper with Jung sometime as well..

      I don’t know if you can use this link… Have a look and see what you think.
      Registration closes today… It’s an 8 week course. I think you would enjoy it. They will also have a private fb group where one can share.

  4. Sorry I didn’t give you a full answer.. Got problems with my kitty cat so I am a bit distracted. Yes Carl Jung. I studied him when I did my counseling diploma. I also did Art As Communication with a Jungian art therapist and sangoma as part of my diploma so I have wet my toes before but this course looks to be very thought provoking. I think it is run by the Jungian society in Pretoria. Diving deeper is a good way of putting it. Take care. Morag

    1. No problem.
      Hope kitty is ok.
      Yes got link thank you. Got filtered out.
      1. Wow. There’s a Jungian Society.
      2. Sounds very interesting. Your studies.
      I’ve only touched the surface with the archetypes of Jung.
      I will have a look and keep an eye on for a next course maybe.
      Thank you.
      Will see if I can follow their page. Only have FB on computer and FB not very user friendly on mobile website.

      Hope kitty doing better.

    2. Thank you, Pangea is 10 and possibly has kidney problems, we need to do blood tests soon. 😿 But hopefully medication won’t be exorbitant 🤔.

      Yes I hardly use Facebook anymore. More keen on Instagram but I will have to check my fb diligently. It’s also on my computer and so it is a bit of a pain. Anyway I know that the right thing pops up at the right time. Nice chatting.

    3. Ah good luck with her. Our puppy turned 7 this year. And has a sensitive stomach. Constant medication for her.
      Take care.

    4. Thank you, our pets are like extentions of our family, like children.

  5. Now I am not sure if you got my message with the link… Maybe because it has a link it has been filtered out. If you don’t get the link you can find it on fb if you have fb.

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