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My Favourite Day of the Week


Monday is one of my 2 favourite days of the week. My other favourite day of the week is Friday.

Why is Monday one of my favourite days? It all starts with Friday!

Lemme Explain!

A few years ago I started seriously exercising and joined a gym, I lost about 15kg on that adventure and that’s probably, still is, one of my proudest moments, loosing all that extra weight.

Between then and a few years ago I’ve been dieting and exercising on a regular basis, gain some weight, start serious exercise, loose weight, take it easy, gain weight etc etc etc.

Then about 4 years ago (I can’t keep up, time moves so quickly) my medical aid/’gym membership‘ were set to increase, as they do every year. I found out that my fiancée’s medical aid with me as a dependent will cost less than just me as a main member on my medical aid, so I switched to her medical aid ASAP (but no gym membership though).

My Home Gym

No Problem!

I cancelled my gym membership and decided I’ll buy some weights and a bench and make a home gym. So that’s what I did.

I bought a workout bench and some weights. No more excuses why I can’t go to gym. Since I opened my Home Gym, I’ve exercised religiously, following different workout plans, but found one that I’m sticking to for now, my second run on this 12-week workout/diet plan; and still loving it.

I gym 3x a week and maintaining my weight and BF%, although I would still like to drop about 2-3% body fat, my goal is to be under 10%. Almost there. It’s my goal for this year!!

Favourite Days

So back to my favourite days. It’s all got to do with the diet plan I’m on.

Monday through Friday I ‘eat clean’. No Carbs and No Sugar during the week.

Friday is the start of ‘eat what I want’. Sugar and Carbs and Sweets… Ok that sounds like I’m pigging out but I’m not, I just eat a moderate amount of sugar & carbs and not checking what I eat and enjoying what I eat, that’s why I love Fridays, oh and Saturdays…Home Made Pizza Night!!!!

By Sunday night I am actually excited for Monday… Monday means eating clean again and I’m hitting the gym again! If my gym weren’t at my home… the gym would have been my second home!

8 thoughts on “My Favourite Day of the Week

  1. Congratulations on losing 15kg. I know what that feels like, such an achievement! I like your plan. It’s wonderful when you find something that works for you. Well done. 👍👍

    1. Ah Thank you. Lost some more though, between my heaviest and lightest I’ve love 20kg, but the last 5 kg I don’t mind, i pick that up and loose it every now and then.. LOL

  2. Yes it’s good not to be rigid about it. Healthy is the aim for me. Live my best life and enjoy. 👍

    1. Same here. I choose healthy as well. Sometimes miss the ‘old’ lifestyle I had. But just for a split second. Haha. Can probably be more healthy but for now I’m happy. 😃

    2. I can relate. I decided to lose another 15kg this year gotta do it for health but I think it’s going to be harder as I coasted over November and December and now need to get back into the effort 😅😅

    3. ah good gets easier again after a couple of days, maybe 2 or so weeks, then it’s habit again. just don’t beat yourself up if you ‘fall off’ again, next day get back up. I realized it’s easier if I accept a bad day and just carry on as if nothing happened 🙂

    4. Yes absolutely, I agree. Thanks for the words of encouragement 😊👍

    5. You’re very welcome.

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