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My First Sunrise

My First Digital Sunrise

It was the year 2006 when I received my first digital camera; a Canon 350D. As mentioned before I used the 350D to photograph a lot of things.

After I received it I couldn’t wait to go out and use it and capture images that I could immediately see. Magic!

One of the first things I captured was a sunrise, a magickal moment!

I woke up early the Saturday morning…or I never went to sleep the Friday night, and went searching for a nice place where I could capture the sunrise.

Driving slowly through the dark streets in my neighborhood I found a spot next to the road. Parked my car…and waited.

Magic Moment

The magickal moment happened, the sun showed his face on the horizon, sneaking quietly behind some trees in the distance. I pressed the shutter release, countless times. I didn’t really understand the manual settings of the digital camera yet, how could I, it was just recently that I figured out the most important things on my film camera, I still didn’t quite understand the concept…and I struggled to pronounce ‘Aperture‘ (still do).

I took a lot of photographs that morning and it wasn’t until recently, revisiting my old photographs, that I settled on my two favourites of that day and deleted the rest.

Magickal Sunrise
Sunrise 2006


These days I still enjoy and appreciate a beautiful sunrise and sunset, although I don’t get the opportunity to photograph many, still, my favourite time of day is when the sun is closest to the horizon.

3 thoughts on “My First Sunrise

  1. Wow! Amazing colours and shapes through the silhouetted trees. Quite dramatic. I love the way you share your experience of searching, waiting and watching for the moment. 👌

    1. thank you so much, and thank you for reading.. sometimes I enjoy writing and being all dramatic.. HAHAHA

    2. 😀😀It’s great, life is drama, so is nature… So atmospheric. 😀

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