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My Online Shop is Finally Live

Shop is Finally Live!

After months of waiting I finally managed to open my online shop.

I will be adding prints to my shop slowly. The reason I’m not rushing into adding prints to my shop: I first want to print my photographs before I add them so I can be 100% sure of the quality of the prints and the paper.

I’ve added the first few Fine Art Photographs to my shop. Towards The Light, a black&white photograph of a group of beautiful tulips reaching for the light, and two beautiful black&white closeups of a Protea.


I also created a newsletter so I can stay in touch with you.

The one thing I miss about my previous blogs: The communication and the conversations between me and the awesome people I met on there, awesome peeps like you.

I had a few blogs before; my first real blog was kind of a personal blog, I met a few people through there and had some great conversations and made some online friends as well. Before the era of ‘social media’. I miss the old days…

My second blog was more business and on there I had my first newsletter. People replied to the newsletters I sent out and it felt like the old days of sending emails and communicating with friends. I missed all that, so I decided to make this blog more personal with a little bit of business in the mix, and also create a newsletter again to keep in touch with my peeps.

I know people are skeptic of subscribing to email lists/newsletters these days, but I’m giving it a shot, who knows maybe you would be interested and receiving a mail from me every now and then.


Let me sign off, I’m really starting to enjoy blogging again, and if I don’t stop myself I’ll blog the whole day!

Thank you for reading MY content, and if you would like to keep up to date with blog posts or news and stuff from me, Please subscribe to my newsletter here, and please share with me your blog if you have one, would love to read YOUR content too.



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