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My Sweet Covid Valentine

Valentine’s Day in Covid World

This year is the first year we are celebrating Valentine’s Day during the pandemic.

Actually from now on, I think most stuff we will be celebrating will be for the second time since the pandemic started, since life changed.

I will be celebrating my birthday during the pandemic for the second time. The twins actually celebrated their birthday last week for the first time during the pandemic. Last year we celebrated with friends and family, this year not so much, ah the good old times.

It sucks, but at least they won’t remember this birthday. I will but for a total different reason!


Happy Valentine

Since the lock down and since the pandemic started I refused to call it by it’s name, well on my blog anyway, I refused to write the name ‘covid‘ on my blog. But things changed.

The reason I’ve decided to actually mention this thing called covid: I’ve tested positive on the 9th, the day of the twins’ birthday. Not quite the gift I wanted to receive/give. But, it is what it is. I’m trying to be positive in more ways than one!


I’ve decided to write this blog post for two reasons:

1) as a public announcement:

PLEASE wear a mask, keep a social distance as much as possible, take extra vitamins, not when you have tested positive, but start NOW, just in case you do get it! Sanitize and wash your hands and keep your hands out of your face.

2) a timeline for me to look back on to remember this chapter:

Sun 24 Jan – Mom said we shouldn’t visit them with the twins, she’s not feeling well

Tue 26 Jan – Mom tested positive for covid.

Wed 27 Jan – My throat felt funny, but it feels like that when I use my asthma pump too much.

Mon 1Feb – Mom admitted to hospital.

Thu 04 Feb – Mom went into ICU.

Thu 04 Feb – I started feeling funny again, Inge had a mild flu this week, so I went on a 3 day course antibiotics

Sun 7 Feb – I lost my sense of smell and taste, can’t smell nothing… just the strangest feeling, no stuffy nose, I just can’t smell. Went on another 3 day course of antibiotics.

Tue 9 Feb – Received form from Doctor for covid test, went and got a nose swab (OMG, call it a sinus swab). Received results this evening. Positive.

Wed 10 Feb – Inge went for covid test, received result the evening, Positive.

Thu 11 Feb – My sense of taste and smell returned, Thank the Gods.

The story so far

So far, it seems we are very lucky to have only very mild symptoms.

The Symptoms I had:

Tiredness, shortness of breath at times, lame legs, no smell and taste, headaches, sore upper back/neck muscles and now coughing. But besides that I had no flu like symptoms where I feel physically ill. Just very mild symptoms.

Today I feel better than the week before. Besides a mild cough that started on Saturday, hopefully the thing didn’t go to the lungs, but I’m still breathing fine, just get out of breath sometimes.

I’m not so tired any more, and my legs aren’t lame any more.

I’m not ready to get back to regular gym yet, I think my body might need a little more rest. Will start exercise slowly from next week. Hopefully. I miss my weights, but I welcome the rest. My exercise program is 24 weeks long and after the previous 24 week program I didn’t really take a rest, guess my body needed it!

Mom is still in ICU, hopefully she will get out of ICU and hospital this week. Holding thumbs. At least we are finally able to make contact with her on her phone, it helps.

This virus is really wrecking havoc, all over the world.

Please be safe, keep a distance, wear a mask. Wash your hands!

3 thoughts on “My Sweet Covid Valentine

  1. I am sorry to hear about your news, I hope you all get better and get your strength back. Stay safe. 👍

    1. Thank you so much, every day we feel little better. Almost back to 100% health, at least it feels like it.

    2. I am glad to hear that. 🌈

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