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Newsletter/Fan Mail/Love Note/Email

My First Newsletter

My Newsletter

I’ve settled.

So it’s been a couple of days now since I joined Mailchimp again to be able to send out Newsletters. But there were other options!

I thought it would be a good idea to use one that runs on my website which I host myself. I thought it would just make it easier if everything is running from my own website.

I found a newsletter that I could run from my site but also found out it might not be such a good idea.
If people report your mail as spam, it counts against YOUR IP, and you might just find your website being blacklisted by google and other search engines if that happens, and I’m already struggling to get ranked/found on google, so that was a bad idea!

I then found another newsletter option:
They didn’t offer ‘double opt-in’, only a check mark a client/subscriber had to tick to be added to my mailing list. I found that spam easily ticks this box and got added to my email list, that sucked which means that not only am I sending my newsletters to fake people, these fake subscribers also counted towards my limit of subscribers I am allowed to have. Also, when people send me a normal message on my contact form, they too added to the email list as well, so no that had to go.

So, it’s back to ‘the old days’.

Back in the day with my Pet Photography Business I used Mailchimp and I was actually quite Happy with them back then. Seems they changed a little bit that makes it less confusing, So I’m happy!

My Newsletters got delivered and people replied and it was fun!

So for now I’ll be using Mailchimp and maybe in the near future when I’ve reached my/or get close to my subscriber limit on the free option I might pay them and get better/extra options/add-ons.


I’ve just finished my first Newsletter, still thinking if I should call it a newsletter or just a plain email, or go all out hippie and call it a Love Note or something.. Who knows! But I do know looking at a blank screen not knowing how to start can be frustrating!

My First Newsletter

Feel free to subscribe to my Newsletter here.

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