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Night at The Opera

A Night at The Opera- During a Pandemic

On Sunday we went to a concert at the Pierneef Theatre of my friend and Opera Tenor, Stéfan Louw, called Aria! Opera For Everyone. Stéfan is doing a series of these concerts to raise funds for his wife’s (also my friend) cancer treatments.

This isn’t Opera like you know it, the show is called “Opera for Everyone” and that is exactly what you get.

Stefan Louw
Aria! Opera For Everyone

Yes he sings Opera, but it’s the in-between that makes it so special and awesome.

He tells you more about what he is going to sing about, from which Opera Aria it comes from and the story behind it.

There was a familiar song he sang that was actually written about a train, *mind blown*! I always thought Opera was about love and women and art and tragedy.

Times of Tragedy

This year could easily be turned into a tragic Opera.

Our country is slowly opening up and restrictions regarding gatherings relaxed a bit.

Yes we are allowed to go to events and concerts now, but with limited people allowed inside a venue.

It’s so sad to see all that space available for more people, but because of a pandemic venues can’t be filled, and artists loose out on extra income.

Aria! Opera For Everyone
The Pierneef Theatre

The Pierneef Theatre is a small and cozy little place, a nice venue for artists to get ‘personal and intimate’ with their fans, but now with limited capacity allowed, our chairs were placed a few centimeters apart from each other, so even less people are attending the event.

I guess we can be grateful that we are able to go to performances again and it seems like the perfect time to really support our artists. They need us… and we need them!

Thank You Stéfan for the Music!

Opera & Friends

I met Marisa and Stéfan in 2003. Thanks to similar interests we became friends and still visit each other 17 years later.

I was never really a fan of Opera music. That was one of the 2 genre’s of music I disliked. But to support my friend I went to one of his concerts, and loved it. Ok Maybe I’m a Stéfan Louw Groupie, but still. The Art itself is just spectacular! You have to see it LIVE! It’s got the power to give you goosebumps!

Still today I’ll go see his Concerts and Operas if I’m able to attend. I would just love to see a Full Opera again. I saw a few of his and I Loved it!

If you’ve never seen an Opera, do yourself a favour and just go see one. I don’t think you’ll regret it!

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