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Not a Four Leaf Clover

Not a Four Leaf Clover

But it could have been a four leaf clover!

Because it was a lucky shot, one of only a few, very few, lucky shots I’ve had… ever.

Last week I saw this yellow clover flower on the grass, and as I do; I immediately thought “my photo for the day”.

Well the whole week went past and luckily the lawn mower from garden services manage to spare the flower.

The Lucky Shot

I turned the tripod upside down so that my camera would be upside down as well, and very close to the grass and the clover flower.

I got on my knees and composed the shot on the LCD monitor of my camera. And this was my first test shot:

Day 55

Not too bad, I was actually happy with the 1st shot.

As I looked on the LCD screen to try and get a new composition, this bug came and sat on the flower.


Bug on a clover

This bug was about 5 mm long, I mean you know how tiny those yellow clover flowers on your grass are. The bug was as big as one of the petals, actually smaller…

Honey, I Shrunk the Bug

I dunno, it probably came to have lunch or something, it’s not a bee, so not too sure. It’s mouth actually reminds me of a Sunbird. But it’s clearly an insect, and not a ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Garden’ kind of situation.

I sat there, admiring the insect, and grateful to have a macro lens so I could get a CLOSE UP view of this marvel, nature close up. You could have called me David!

Close Up

As I sat there, looking, thinking how lucky I am. I mean literally, I sat down, took a test shot, and within 30 seconds this insect came and sat on the flower. I didn’t wait for that to happen.

Anyway, I called Inge over to have a look at this little bug on the LCD monitor, and as we sat there, me taking a photo every now and then, another awesome thing happened…

A SECOND bug came and join this bug.

2 Bugs one Flower

First we were so shocked, another bug, and then…

I should put a NSFW warning here!

We realized one is a male and the other a female, yes this new bug interrupted the other bug’s lunch…


A few seconds later, they both flew away… Just amazing to see the wonder of Mother Nature!!!


And then a few seconds later bug returned again, and continued with it’s lunch!!

Lunch Part II

Just an awesome photo(s) that I got for today!!! Not Complaining at ALL.

Nature is awesome…

Who needs Netflix when you can go out in your garden an SEE nature in 3D, for FREE!

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