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On Creativity

On Creativity

Day 52 – Creativity and Being Creative

Still pondering the idea of my personal project (taking a photo a day, for I don’t know how many days it’s suppose to be), and more recently my website and/or my blog.

Yesterday I looked at the benefits I received from doing this photo-a-day project, and for now only giving my attention to that; taking a photograph every day, editing the photograph(s), posting it on my blog, and writing something about it.

There are a lot of benefits I get from this project alone.

Day 52

I know doing something (positive) consistently has value. And I dunno if I’m looking for more, or what, maybe I’m eager and impatient for ‘the next step’, for evolution.

Maybe I don’t need a reason to photograph something every day, maybe just doing something creative every day is all I need to do…for now.

I’m creative in 3 ways, for the past 52 days now.

1- Choosing something to photograph and arranging the ‘scene’ to be photographed

2- Edit the photograph. I have a few presets I run through to find something that fit the image/subject, and if I find one I tweak it to make it look perfect, do some brush work, work on details etc. Sometimes I start from scratch.

3- I publish the photograph(s) to my blog, and write something.


I remembered why I wanted to blog again; back in the early days I enjoyed reading blogs, and commenting on blogs and ‘meeting’ new people from all over via the internet.

Also enjoyed blogging to share my ideas and thoughts. Some people prefer to do it on a social media platform, I prefer my own website.

Through my first blog/website I was contacted to appear on TV in connection with the ideas I was sharing, didn’t do it though. *wonder what would have happened if I did it*

I think maybe the photo a day made me blog again, before that I tried to blog, but I was just trying to ‘Sell my Art’. Now I’m actually enjoying writing again, for the sake of writing, being creative and sharing thoughts and ideas… as it should be.

A word from Seth Godin that explains my thoughts perfectly:

I’ve been explaining to people that daily blogging is an extraordinarily useful habit. Even if no one reads your blog, the act of writing it is clarifying, motivating and (eventually) fun.

Seth Godin

Other than writing a daily blog (a practice that’s free, and priceless), reading more blogs is one of the best ways to become smarter, more effective and more engaged in what’s going on. The last great online bargain.Β 

Good blogs aren’t focused on the vapid race for clicks that other forms of social media encourage. Instead, they patiently inform and challenge, using your time with respect.

Seth Godin

Today’s Photo

I photographed the same lavender as yesterday. Only after editing and exporting the photo did I realize It’s almost identical to yesterday’s photograph, only difference is, it’s dead now. But I actually saw the bottle in which I kept the lavender that attracted me to take the photograph, not really the lavender.

4 thoughts on “On Creativity

  1. Painting is not done to decorate apartments. It is an instrument of war.

    ― Pablo Picasso

    I think that if he lived today he might have something to say about art and social media… Waging war I think can be taken anyway one wants to but its serious business doing one’s art regularly and sharing it on a sacred platform (like your own blog). I think you are deeply reflecting on your artistic process and progress and that is wonderful. Your photography is deeper than just a pretty Pic, it captures and speaks with metaphor and idiom. That’s because you are not a shallow person. It’s your wonderful journey πŸ”†πŸ’πŸ‘

    1. wow, thank you so much for the beautiful comment, so much appreciated!!

      I’m sure he would have something to say about social media.. haha.. Love the quote..

    2. You are welcome πŸ˜„

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