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Once upon a Photographer’s Dream

The Dreaming Photographer

In my pursuit of a photographic career and dreaming of becoming a full time photographer, I’ve done it all, just about. Like most photographers new to the craft I started with Wedding Photography. I photographed events and concerts, actors and Opera singers, models and bodybuilders and a DJ or 2.

Head shots, product shots and a photograph for a billboard. A few photographs were published in magazines and newspapers and even a nude calendar. I also photographed dogs. My last gig was as a pet photographer, specializing in dog photography.

Stefan Louw
Billboard for the Tenor Stefan Louw

I think that covers it, that is everything I did in my previous photographic career.

While doing all that, there was one thing I always enjoyed. Sitting in the studio photographing a flower or some still life subject, messing with the lights and just creating. I also enjoyed photographing nature and the world around me, a tree or an early morning sunrise… and the ocean. I would love to be able to photograph the ocean every day.

Ocean Photography
Ocean Dream

Quit – New Beginning Again

Ocean Dream
Life is an Ocean

So I’ve quit my lengthy photographic career that covered almost every aspect of photography. Quit jumping from one genre to the next and quit dreaming of something that doesn’t bring me joy. I’m starting fresh and with a new mindset.

I did some soul searching and going back to the beginning, back to the start and do what brought me the most joy and happiness.

I’m starting my business/career as a photographic artist, or just an artist, creating the kind of photographs I want and that I love, and selling that as wall art for home and office.

Photographer/Artist Blog

Shall I call it Fine Art Photography? Can I? Is it be Art? Will people buy my art? Will people see my art and say “I want that”? I do not know that now… Maybe someday.

Starting from scratch is always an adventure but it’s the last time I’m doing it, so I’m documenting my journey.

I created this blog so I can look back and see the progress I’ve made. In a few years this blog will hopefully look so much different than today and then I’ll be able to answer the questions above.

This blog is a place where I can hold myself accountable where I can say “yes I did that” or “I tried that and it didn’t work” or “It did work”. A place where I can visit when I am feeling blue, down, negative or depressed and see the progress I have made.

This blog is also a place where you are welcome to follow along and join me on my journey, and be my buddy on this new adventure I am going on, and maybe give some advise on a route to take when it seems like I might be lost, because… I don’t have a map!

If you are eager to follow my journey, Please subscribe to my newsletter. I would love to take you on this journey too!

It could be fun!

6 thoughts on “Once upon a Photographer’s Dream

  1. Sounds like a good idea 👍I think it is very valuable to document the journey with the twists, turns and growth. I like the questions you have asked yourself.

    1. Thank you. And thank you for visiting. Really appreciate it.
      The idea is not to wander aimlessly. Just maybe have a little map, or at least just be able to see the road I’ve already taken.

    2. You are welcome. Yes absolutely! What I find as an artist is that I have a map, (which is important otherwise one does not accomplished much) but it takes me on the journey, sometimes I am surprised how creative flow works. I always get to where I want to go but with some great surprise elements along the way. 😀

    3. It is Amazing how creative flow works. Even with a map it can lead you down awesome little paths that aren’t on your map but can lead to some nice adventures.

    4. Yes 😀 exactly. That’s what I love about creativity. The adventuring. I am getting back into it myself now that my kids have grown up.

    5. My creativity been lost for a while. Getting it back slowly. Juggling creativity and raising raising 2 almost 2 year olds. But enjoying the journey.

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