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On being Overwhelmed

Sometimes; some mornings, you wake up, already feeling overwhelmed, too many task and stuff on your TO-DO list for today.

Sometimes we over complicate things, our lives, our minds…

Sometimes all you need to do is take a deep breath, relax, write everything down that you have TO do, and see if that might help with feeling less overwhelmed…

Putting everything on your TO DO list on your mind down onto paper might make it seem less overwhelming, from there you can get a CLEAR picture of EVERYTHING you have to do, and on that piece of paper you can mark stuff in order of importance, and start doing something…

Sometimes not starting is the biggest obstacle, everything will start to run more smoothly once YOU START.

Day 53 – Bed of Roses

I had another idea for my Photo for today. I put rose petals on a paper, wanted to do a high-key photograph using off camera flash. All the petals were lying nicely ready for ‘action’ and when I wanted to switch my flash on I saw I left it on from the previous time I used it… Batteries DEAD.


I then put all the petals in a bowl and started to photograph them:

I started to follow thew same idea as Day 48

I then put the flower from where I got the petals from on the ‘bed of roses’.

I’m Happy.

Day 53

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