Pandemic Rose

The year: 2021

We are in the middle of a pandemic. On 9 February 2021 I tested positive for the virus. On the day of the twins' 2nd birthday. Not quite the gift I wanted to give, or receive. But it is what it is (was).

I bought roses for Valentines Day.

This is one I took from the bouquet. And as it was dying, I pulled some petals off, one by one, and taking photos. (it's the middle of pandemic and I have the flu, what do you expect)

I took photos every day to help me cope with everything, needed to stay creative, grateful that I was able to and not too ill.

I ended with a nice selection of photos ranging a few days, in different stages of decay. But this one is my Favourite photo.

I dunno, somehow this rose has got character. Just love it, and it can hang in your home or office, not as a reminder of the pandemic, but of the beauty that still exists in the world.

Photo taken during the pandemic, February 2021.

Pandemic Rose
Pandemic Rose Fine Art
Pandemic Rose Fine Art Wall Mockup Room
Wall Art Mockup of Pandemic Rose