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Pandemic Roses

Roses from the Pandemic

Not a very original title, I know… Really can’t think of anything better at this moment! But it does have meaning to me, all that really matters!

October 2019 was the last time I actually photographed something that went on to be printed that went on to be added to my shop. That would be the Protea Prints. The Tulips were photographed in 2018.

Where the hell did the time go? What the AF did I do the last 2 years?? WTF Indeed!


Pandemic Rose

Ok, I know where I’ve been the past year! Hiding away from a virus, until it caught me… And this is where our new adventure begins!

I did actually photograph some flowers and nature elements last year, one or two experiments but nothing too serious and nothing worth printing.

Always seek the good.

I think I didn’t create anything last year because I was scared, scared of getting the dreaded covid… and dying. Then it would have been all for nothing. Now I feel like “Okay. I got it, now I can continue living”.

Maybe if I created more it would have been better for my mental health. But that didn’t happened. I think this covid messes with your mind the most, it’s like mental and emotional warfare.

So I got the covid and I am happy that so far I have very mild symptoms and every day I feel better than the previous.

Yesterday I took the roses that I gave Inge for Valentine’s Day, got my camera out of it’s bag, with more than 60% battery health left (not bad, after sitting for almost a year not doing anything), set up my tripod and photographed them roses.

What a great feeling to have the creativity juices flowing again. It felt soooo good!

This morning I edited some photographs and actually found one, so far, worthy of being printed and that I can add to my shop. I really love that photo and how it came out. Can’t wait share it and to have it printed, it will look so good on paper!

Here are some others I edited as well, from 108 I ended up with about 25 photos, but from that I’ll probably only keep these plus 2 or 3 other’s that I think will also be printed and added to my print shop.


I think I discovered, again, what brings me joy and keeps me sane (besides lifting weights) is taking photographs. I just realized again yesterday how time flies while I’m photographing and playing around in the studio with the lights and the layout. I also for the first time kind of saw how my creativity works, how I went from photographing one setup and how the setup evolves to something great. I love it! I can’t wait to photograph again, but first I have some photos to edit.

I also love how my editing ‘evolves’ as I edit the images, starting very basic and moving to new styles of editing, adding layers and layers till I find just the perfect ‘mood’.

Oh how I’ve missed my creativity, just doing something creative!

4 thoughts on “Pandemic Roses

  1. Wonderful! Iove the reflection👍 I hope you are keeping well and your family. I like your reflective writing and observations too. I look forward to seeing more. 🌹🌹

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and for visiting. We doing good thank you, my mom finally out of hospital after a month, so we all good now.

    2. I am happy to hear that your mom is out of the hospital and you are all well 👍👍take care

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