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Pink Chrysanth

Day 19 – A Pink Chrysanth

The twins are sleeping and I stepped into the COLDEST room in the house with bouquet in hand.

Still ‘focusing’ on the bouquet I bought on Wednesday. Today I thought I would focus on one of the plenty of Chrysanths in the bunch… A Pink one.

I’m REALLY enjoying manual focus. It’s like the thing that’s been missing in my ART making all these times. Weird I know.

I really enjoy manual focus, and then using a shallow depth of field so mostly everything in the photograph is out of focus.

I love the soft pastel colours of this edit.

Day 19


We were suppose to go to Inge’s parents, but Jayde has not been feeling well since Friday, bit of a fever yesterday.. I suspect it’s her teeth. So hopefully next weekend we can take the twins to their granddad, shame he misses them so much. Holding thumbs, and also holding thumbs for warmer weather, seems to be warming up slightly next week, reaching the 20’s again. YAY

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