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Pink Sunshine

Day 28 – Pink Sunshine

I actually wanted to photograph the Yellow Chrysanth you see blurred in the foreground from the bouquet for today’s photo, BUT, as I was finding focus, I saw the pink chrysanth appearing on the screen. PERFECT SHOT!

No question about it. The Pink one is gonna be the lucky one! The yellow ones are already dead, so they can wait till tomorrow!

I just loved how it was framed by everything else ‘remaining’ from the bouquet, and everything else out of focus, just the pink chrysanth that is in focus. Framed by the yellow chrysanth on the bottom and the red chrysanth at the top.

Added some sunshine in the edited to make it nice and bright, like a perfect Spring Day.

Day 28


Today was quite nice and warm, a mild 26 degrees here in Pretoria. Not too warm and not too cold… Reminds me of Cheryl (Miss Rhode Island) Frasier’s Perfect Date from Miss Congeniality.. haha

2 thoughts on “Pink Sunshine

  1. Lovely depth to your image, very pretty.

    1. Thank you so much.

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