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Playing with Petals

Day 18 – Playing with Rose Petals

The roses in the Bouquet doesn’t last that long, maybe it’s too cold for them, it’s REALLY cold today!

I started taking the rose petals off and casting them on a piece of paper, photographed from above, but it didn’t look nice, boring. Tried making shapes with the rose petals, arranging them on black and white backgrounds, still too boring.

I then put the one petal on the table in front of me and thought “Let’s try a macro shot”


The petal have a red streak in the center and the way I put it on the table, by accident, looks like those marbles we use to play with, the ones with that funny twirl inside.

My camera struggled to get focus, so seeing that I’m not afraid of manual focus anymore, I switch to manual and focused where I wanted too.

I’m very happy with the end result… Another one that might look really nice printed, maybe on canvas.

Day 18


Finally it’s the weekend!!!! Hell of a week, cold, miserable, just yuck.

Looking forward to the weekend, taking the twins to visit Inge’s parents on Saturday, her father hasn’t seen them in a while, been in hospital with covid for a week and a half, finally out but too weak to drive around, so we taking them there.

Then Sunday to my parents for lunch, cousin and her husband and 2 daughters visiting, all of them had covid as well, recovered..


6 months ago I knew NO ONE with covid, and since we got it, everyone has/had it. This wave is so bad.

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