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Protea Flower

Day 43 – Protea Fine Art Flower

Playing with the lighting setup up of the Shell, I decided to photograph the Protea Flower from above.

For the light set up, I used my flash and a scrim to soften the light, and white reflectors on the opposite side of the flash bouncing light back onto the subject to fill in some of the shadows.

This lighting setup is the actual idea I had for the shell, but didn’t quite get it. I think I figured it out! I REALLY love these photos.

Day 43

Here’s some more of the Protea, with the same editing, I love the editing and didn’t want to complicate things by editing them differently, because I don’t want to choose on ‘the best’ edit.

I love the fine art feel of this.

Definitely going to be photographing more flowers with this set up, and maybe editing as well… Love that too.


Well today is a nice warm day. First time in a long time that I went outside with shorts (I did some gardening, planting the Daisy from a week ago) and also walking around shopping without a jacket on (with jeans). Just hope I don’t complain about the warm weather any time soon…


I need to clean my studio, currently a mess, seeds, dead leaves, dead flowers… FUN, but I need space, especially for my flash and light modifiers, if I’m going to continue using artificial light for my art.

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