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Almost a month ago, that’s when last I shared a blog post. That’s Just SAD.

I guess I can blame Winter, or maybe not. Not Too Sure!

A while ago I started with sharing my iPhone photos of sunsets and sunrises, the sky and the clouds; some nature photographs accompanied by a quote that I like or that inspires me.

As with most things, stuff evolve over time, so instead of sharing only a quote and an image, I will share a quote an image and some food for thought, something to focus on, to move forward or to contemplate.

Quote for today:

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.

Robert Byrne


This week, I’ll be focusing on my purpose!

I’ve written a blog post that’s been sitting in “drafts” for the past month or so, it’s got a lot to do about my Purpose. Time to finish that draft and post it. My goal is to post it this week, so holding thumbs!!

Have you discovered your Purpose yet?


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