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Reaching – Towards The Light We Go

Towards the Light – Fine Art Print

Tulips: Towards the Light

My first fine art print for sale in my shop is a group of tulips. A black & white Fine Art Photograph of Tulips reaching for the light.

Towards the Light is a metaphor for life. Especially in the current times we are living.

When times are dark, when all we see is darkness, we seek light, we need the light, it’s there, we need to be moving towards the light. As nature needs light to grow. We too need the light to grow, it’s in the light that we grow.

Come out of your darkness and reach for the light. And grow!

Towards The Light
Towards The Light

As a side note, something to ponder about: some of the meanings given to tulips are that of Abundance & prosperity.

Print Shop

Towards The Light Mockup

This Print; Towards the Light is available to purchase in my shop, ready to adorn your home or office walls.

Unframed and printed on Hahnemühle German Etching (310gsm) Fine Art Paper, available in paper sizes from A4 – A1.

I’m really happy with how this print turned out.

They say photographs always look better printed, and the Hahnemühle fine art paper just brings out something special, almost magical.

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