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Red Chrysanth

Day 20 – A Red Chrysanth

Twins are sleeping, mom went to the shops and I once again enter the studio with THE Bouquet.

Feeling RED today!

Day 20

Instead of focusing on a small part of the flower I went a bit wide to include the stem of the chrysanth and one or two other red chrysanths in the background.

I also chose to go with a shallow depth of field and only focus on one or two petals/part thereof.

Love the edit as well, soft pastel red, and the photo almost cut diagonally in half with the green stems on the one side and red flowers on the other side.

Sunday Vibes

Jayde doing much better, I think it was her teeth, Ayden didn’t feel well 2 or 3 weeks ago, was bit needy and crying for no reason, and also slight fever the one day and no appetite for a few days. This morning I saw that one of his molars are out, then I knew YES, Jayde is getting her molars.

She always has the worst time getting teeth. Previously she ended up in hospital, with a slight RS Virus infection, and getting 7 new teeth at once. Was the WORST time for us all. You don’t even know Ayden is getting teeth, he has it so easy. So weird how they differ.

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  1. My favorite colour red.

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