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Retake Day 1

Day 46 – A Day 1 Redo!

Today I got a chance to photograph an idea that I had for day 40 actually, but today is as good as any.

Through this little ‘photo-a-day’ challenge of mine there might be one or two photos that I don’t really like, like day 2 for instance!! But Day 1 as well.

The photograph that I took for Day 1 was a rush job I think. I had the idea for a photo a day challenge, I think time was running out, or maybe that was my best… at that moment in time… can’t remember.

But Today is a REDO!

Today I’m retaking “Dead Roses“!

Not really much to tell; this is just me trying to ‘UP’ my game and to see if I can actually take a better photo than my first photo.. If my skills or technique is actually getting better. If I am actually learning something!!

Day 46

I actually can’t believe I’m on day 46 already. DAY 46!

I guess it’s time to really think what my goal is with this.

So far I’m still enjoying it, weekends are bit of a rush because I wait for the twins to take their afternoon nap before I go to the studio to take a photo.

Other than that it’s still fun and I’m still enjoying taking a photo a day, and some days challenging myself, but I am starting to think about either an end goal (other than upping my skills) or a purpose (besides making art every day) to doing this .

Have a GREAT weekend!

2 More from today.

Let’s compare!

Photo from Day 1 on the left vs Photo from Day 46 on the Right. Think today’s photo looks a bit better..

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