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Rietvlei Nature Reserve

And we’re back to (hopefully) our regular schedule

The year was 2010, the year we hosted the Soccer World Cup. What an awesome time it was for South Africa, that and of course the 1995 Rugby World Cup, I will Never EVER forget that! So many good memories!

Anyway, where was I?

For some reason I loved photographing nature early, very early in the morning, and usually right in the middle of Winter.

June 2010, I went to Hartbeespoort Dam (will share those photos soon), in the middle of Winter freezing myself almost into the next winter, photographing the boats and the fog on the dam. My friend, also a photographer saw those photographs and wanted to go there too, so again we went to Harties Dam, very early, even colder than a week or two earlier.

He mentioned Rietvlei Nature Reserve and I said we should go photograph there some time as I’ve never been there before.

July 2010

Right in the middle of winter, July 2010, we went to Rietvlei Nature Reserve and we were able to get inside before sunrise, FREEZING, but I think it was worth it. I took quite a lot of photographs, but these are the favourites I kept after culling my photo library (still busy).

I just love the mist/fog on the water. Probably my favourite nature scene to photograph is where there’s fog.

Is it fog or is it mist?

Ice Ice … Everything was frozen, even the wood of the lookout tower/cabin. It was a VERY cold morning, but I really enjoyed it.

I also miss the adventures me and my friend went on with our cameras, visiting different places and photographing them. I’ve assisted him with his Wedding Photography business as well and even that was some awesome experiences.

I miss the old days. It’s so so sad that we have to grow up and move on. Why can’t things sort of stay the same, you know the good things, the good experiences. What changed? OR Why do it change?

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  1. Wow amazing warm subtle colors 🌇

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