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Rose Layers

Day 42 – Layers

Focusing on the soft side of the rose.

I decided to go Macro today and focusing on the layers of the rose from the dead bouquet.

Day 42

It’s just so amazing how delicate roses are, so beautiful, even in death, they are beautiful. The edges of the rose petals are so fine and delicate.

Here is another layer showing how delicate the petals are.

Rose Layers

I just love bouquets… Gives me a whole week of photo opportunities! There’s so much going on in a flower arrangement, it sure is an art. Even just buying a bunch of flowers from a florist is an amazing art piece, all the different kinds of flowers complimenting each other.

But a proper flower arrangement, just amazing! The knowledge of florists of design is pretty spectacular. I’ve seen some amazing flower arrangements and each one as awesome as the next.

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