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Roses are red

Red Roses

As I mentioned before, my passion for nature/still life photography started real early; actually it’s always been that, but the magic and passion really ignited with the arrival of my first digital camera.

I was able to do a setup in studio, take a photograph and immediately see the result. From there I could see if I would need to do a lot of editing to ‘fix’ the photo or if it would be better to just take another photo and do as much as possible in camera.

That’s always been my main aim: to capture an image as perfect as possible in that moment with the best exposure and camera settings so I don’t have to spend too much time afterwards fixing images in editing.

Having a near perfect image to begin with also brings some of it’s own unique problems.

With digital photography you (almost) always have to do some kind of editing especially with RAW photographs, and sometimes when an image is almost 100% to start with you run the risk of accidentally over-editing an image.

Sometimes, less really is enough!

These roses were taken back in April 2006. They’re still my favourite roses that I’ve photographed. (one of them might be a bit Over Edited!)

Editing done back in 2006 with Photoshop 7. I was still very new to editing. Times have changed. It’s so much easier to edit today than back then. It was fun! But opening every image, one by one in Photoshop was a pain. Editing a wedding was a bitch, especially with a few 100 photos. HA

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