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Day 40 – a Rusty Daisy

I’m sure today is one of the coldest days this winter. Ok maybe not so bad. Probably because we had nice mild weather the last week or so that today feels extremely cold.


I saw our mysterious red daisy got a few flowers.

Why a mysterious daisy.

Because I can’t remember planting this one.

Day 40

I remember buying the purple one and the pink one and red daisy of a different kind. But not this one. Maybe they all merged to create a new daisy. Who knows. Maybe I did plant it but just can’t remember.

I just love the rusty red colour of this daisy, sort of velvet and soft looking.

The batteries are charged and I decided to use some off camera flash. What I love about macro photography and using off camera flash: I can hold the flash in my hand and move it around as I wish in a split second for different lighting setups.

I think I’ll probably be using artificial light for the next couple of days. Missed it…

Hope tomorrow will be bit warmer than today.

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  1. So pretty, I love the color and I love the little stary stamens… They look magical.

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