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Day 25 – Sadness of a Rose

Sad day today.

It was the funeral of my friend today.

It’s a weird time we live in, I was able to be there in spirit, and able to attend via live video feed.

It’s not suppose to be like this, really just sad-sad-sad.

Sad that regret always comes too late, always have regret after the fact.

Why are we made like that?


This is a rose from the bouquet… It’s been dead for a while and today just felt like the perfect time to photograph this rose.

It says it all.

Why do dead roses always look so sad?

There’s a few flowers that look sad when they are dead/dying, roses and sunflowers for me are so far the 2 saddest flowers when they are dead.

Day 25


Finally weekend… But no plans for the weekend really, taking the kids to visit grand parents. Home-made Pizza Saturday evening. And that is it… I think… Might just take the twins with us doing some shopping so they can get out of the house and see strangers outside in the wild!

Have a good weekend!!

4 thoughts on “Sadness

  1. I am very sorry, I know that weirdness of not being able to attend a funeral now, I know that regret that comes too late and the rose that bows its head on our behalf… And sometimes there are no right answers.

    Have a wonderful weekend with no regrets… Enjoy every moment. We have our memorial for my father in law tomorrow so I think it will be a somber day but hopefully Sunday will be better. 🙋‍♀️

    1. Thank you so much. Weekend was good.
      Sorry for your loss too. Hope your memorial weren’t too sad. I know what you mean with the right answers.
      Life goes on.

  2. […] dead rose still in studio, after photographing it yesterday I thought I would photograph the leaves as well. […]

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