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Sandton Photo Walk

Walking in Sandton

In 2011, September 4th me and my friend, also a photographer, hopped on the Gautrain in Hatfield and left for Sandton.

Our mission: Walk the streets and try our hand at Architecture Photography. A Few weeks before we had a taste of that in Pretoria City Center, so we thought we’d give a more modern city a go. Off we went!


We arrived in Sandton and you know you’ve arrived when you see this in the street:

Sandton Car
We’ve Arrived


There’s not really much to write about. We walked, and walked, and walked, a lot. All over Sandton. Taking photographs as we walked.

The only thing I can say is this. The Michelangelo Hotel is just amazing. A beautiful piece of Architectural Art. This is one Hotel I wouldn’t mind staying at for just a weekend. #dreamgoals

The Michelangelo Hotel

Black and White

As mentioned before, I’ve lost all my edits of the RAW photographs, so edit again I am.

I’m actually seeing it as a blessing and not a curse, the fact that I have to edit everything I want again. All the photos I took in the streets of Sandton were edited in colour. Today I thought: Why not try Black and White? WOW.

LOVE IT! I don’t know why I never really edited my photographs in black & white. Going to do that more often, especially architecture photography… if I ever get a chance to walk the streets again.


Colour is also nice.

The Last one

As we walked back to the train station, I looked back, you know, to say Goodbye to Sandton, and I saw the most beautiful sunset. Just something spectacular to end the day.

End of Day

I miss my friend. They moved away to the coast. Need to visit as soon as we have a somewhat of a normal life again. We went on all these awesome photography adventures together, going out to photograph stuff, places and people. I think that is one reason I started to neglect my photography. I’m not in the company of any other people that share my interest. He was sort of my North Star in the photography world. I learned a lot from him. I miss all those photo adventures!

Change sucks sometimes!

3 thoughts on “Sandton Photo Walk

  1. It’s very nice seeing all your photos, you have an eye for it 👍I can imagine that you miss your friend, it’s amazing having someone to do those things with. I love the fact that he was your North star in photography.

    1. haha, thank you so much. yeah he inspired a lot. helped him plenty, was fortunate to have helped him at an event honoring Desmond TUTU, got to meet and photograph mr. TUTU. 🙂

    2. Wow that is awesome 😃

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