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Saturday Moods

Saturday Mood

Winter has returned for a final farewell.

It’s a lazy Saturday… or Maybe NOT.

Inge is working, I’m looking after the twins. They sleeping now… shhhhh…. be very very quiet….

It’s sort of getting easier looking after them… They playing and most of the time entertaining themselves, so it’s not too bad, just watch out for a tantrum or two, but that is getting less and less as well… I HOPE.

They played, they had breakfast, they played, I took them to Wimpy to go buy them food, came back home, they ate, they sleep.

I took the opportunity to have a quick lunch as well, and then took my photo for the day.


It’s quite a chilly day today… windy and chilly, with a few drops of rain (really just a few drops) falling down from the sky. Hope for more, soon.

I think the reason we have warm weather for a week, then a cold spell for a day or two is just to make us realize something again..

In winter we wish for warmer weather, then Spring arrives, it’s warm and hot and we WISH for winter again, THEN the cold hit us for a day or two and we remembered that we don’t really like the cold, and can’t wait for the cold to move on north so we can enjoy the summer sun! That’s what I think! Because I think I’m ready for Summer!!! Hopefully with added rain…

Day 54 – Photo of the day

I just love it when I switch my camera on, look through the view finder and immediately see the shot I want. Take it, slight adjustment, moving bit left, bit back, focus, press the shutter… YES! Import, Edit, Export, Blog! Love it!

Saturday Moods
Day 54

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