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Snake in the Yard

Complex Snake

Last week a neighbour, 3 houses from us, informed everyone they saw a snake, about 1 meter long, in their garden but it disappeared quickly and they couldn’t catch it.

Yesterday was trash collection day, so before I took the twins to school, before the sun came up I went and got the dustbin from the back to take to the street. I took the flashlight so I could use it to dodge the doggy poo.

I opened the side gate, pulled the bin out and as I returned lighting my way I saw it, curled up against the gutter, a snake. I hate snakes. I froze, then rushed past the snake which was about 20cm from the gate entrance. I went into the house and told Inge I think I found the neighbour’s missing snake. She went outside, brave mamma tried to catch it after she realised it’s just a tiny brown house snake, about 30-50cm long. Inge worked in the bush on a lodge so I think (hope) she was more used to snakes. Did I mention I’m afraid of snakes?

It also disappeared, on the other side of the gate into the garden that has way too many plants/ground covers. We can’t find it. Yesterday I sat inside the house the whole day, luckily it was cold and rainy the whole day so it was OK.

Today, still no sign of the snake. I think I’m more afraid of the twins finding, and heaven forbid, playing with the snake.

The Mind of a snake

What I know about snakes is what I’ve learned on TV from Simon Keys and Siouxsie Gillett of Snakes in the City (I love that show). Thanks to them I learned to love snakes… No no no no no no… Love is too strong a word. I’ve learned to appreciate snakes.

So my thought on the snakes here by us is this:

Maybe they came down from the mountain to look for food or a warmer place to sleep. They’re not like serial killers looking for their next victim, they just move through the neighbourhood to a new place, looking for food. They only attack/bite when they feel threatened, otherwise they will just keep on going. I mean when I walked past the snake it didn’t try to bite me, was just curled up, and cold. Maybe if we leave them alone they will leave us alone, as long as they just stay outside and don’t move into the house. They are more scared of us.

The Lizards in our garden

Why are we so damn afraid of snakes?

I mean they’re just reptiles, our garden is full of lizards and we’re OK with them lounging on the wall in the sun, like lizards the snakes also just want to find a little warm spot to get warm. Usually snakes will ‘run’ away when you poke them with a stick, as do lizards.

OK, I’m just trying to make myself feel less scared of the little fella that we can’t find, but maybe a professional snake catcher/handler can confirm the above, are they gentle, shy creatures?!

I don’t REALLY want kill a snake, I appreciate them and respect their role here on earth, except if they threaten us then maybe I will have to make a plan to protect the twins. I’ve got a whole list of numbers of snake catchers here in Pretoria on Speed dial… and I’m not afraid to call them!

Yeah, the past two days I’ve convinced myself that snakes are cool and don’t really want to harm us, god I hope that’s true! HA

Photos Below of Snakes I photographed at Ushaka Marine World’s Dangerous Creatures, when we were on holiday at the coast back in 2018… I need a holiday!

Here is a recent article I found in the local Record Newspaper about the snakes visiting us…With 2 more numbers I can add to my list of numbers on speed dial!

Last thought

I’m sitting here, wondering… The neighbour said the snake was 1 meter long and grey… What kind of snake is that and where is it??? I’m more afraid of the little brown house snake I saw than I am of a 1 meter long grey snake that could be anything more dangerous. Weird!

6 thoughts on “Snake in the Yard

  1. Oh dear πŸ˜„I don’t like snakes either. We had a lot where I grew but I have a healthy respect for them. 😳

    1. Same here, where I grew up we had a huge python roaming the streets/gravel roads, and once a green mamba visited our property. Hated them for a long time, but respect them now.

    2. Wow, i never encountered a python, only cobras, puffaddas, boomslangπŸ‘πŸ˜Š

    3. at least we never saw the python, only when we left for school see a trail on the gravel road and then decide not to walk through the field and rather walk the long(safe) way to school. πŸ™‚

    4. Yes that must have been scary… Knowing what they can kill and eatπŸ‘€πŸ˜³

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