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Studio Test Shoot

The Year: 2011

I just came back from the Photo & Film Expo (don’t know if that expo is still a thing). I just bought the thing that I thought I needed and that would push my photography and my abilities to the next level. Bought my first seamless background. The vinyl one that you can use front (white) and the back (black).

This is the first “test shot” I took on the seamless, my sunglasses!

Test Shot on Seamless Backdrop

Okay so I’ve used the backdrop quite a few times, especially for my fitness photography and also for some portraits and a band and DJ and a Opera Singer. Also some dogs walked across that seamless.

I didn’t use it quite as much as I thought I would have, so for the past couple of years it’s been standing in the garage. This 3m long thing propped against the wall, not doing anything.

I don’t/won’t use it again because for the kind of photography I currently do I really don’t need that big thing. It’s time to let it go. “Sell It!

My Photo Album

I’m starting to post my old photos here on my blog. It’s sitting on my hard drive and not doing anything. So I’m once again sorting and deleting photos and the ‘keepers’ will be shared here on my website, maybe with a little back story of why I took the photographs, etc.

More Coming Soon!

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  1. Can’t wait to see 🙌👍

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