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Stuff you find in a drain

It all went down the drain

It might have gone down the drain.

I’ve felt the need to be creative again, somewhere I lost it.. Yesterday I tried to find it, you know where everything goes… down the drain.

I’m afraid to go down there. But just to make sure my creativity didn’t go down the drain, I probably have to put on my big boy pants and go down there!

There might be a few other things that I’ll find going down the drain besides my creativity…

…my dreams. my hopes. my passions. me. myself. i. my toy cars I threw down there when I was 5 (according to reliable sources).


The Drain
Everything goes down the drain

What is this fascination we have with drain.

Everything drains or goes down one. You can even be/feel drain-ed. Drains get blocked too.

Not having my creativity, not feeling creative makes me feel drained, empty inside, drained of my life force. My creativity is blocked. That’s why I think it must be down the drain!

It’s a dark place, you can’t see down there from the outside… YOU NEED to go down there. Inside the darkness.

I’m still scared to go down there, I might have a little peek with a flashlight from above, but while I gather the guts I’ll try and do something every day to be creative, just something small, who knows, maybe my creativity will come back on it’s own, maybe it will bring it’s friend inspiration with… That might also be down there… in the drain.

Maybe, if you are reading this, and you are already on a mission to go down the drain to find something of yours, would you be so kind and see if you can also find my creativity… and maybe my 6-pack abs as well!

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