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Angel Wings

Day 23 – Angel Wings from a leaf

I walked past the vase with the bouquet in this morning and my eye caught this leaf. With the other ‘petals’ on I saw a Star pattern from the layers of the leaf. I thought it would make a nice photograph.

I took the leaf, placed it in a pot with sand and tried to photograph the Star. I used the macro lens and tried the 50mm lens as well. Just didn’t look right.

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Close encounter with a Cactus

I bought a new macro lens at the end of 2019.

Beginning of 2019 I played around in the studio and discovered macro photography again and wanted to get a better lens, the quality photographs I got from my Sigma lens was just awful, so I bought a Canon lens and I couldn’t be happier.

These were some of the first test shots I took. Close-ups of 3 Cactus plants we have, taken outside on the patio under the roof using natural, available light.

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