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Playing with Petals

Day 18 – Playing with Rose Petals

The roses in the Bouquet doesn’t last that long, maybe it’s too cold for them, it’s REALLY cold today!

I started taking the rose petals off and casting them on a piece of paper, photographed from above, but it didn’t look nice, boring. Tried making shapes with the rose petals, arranging them on black and white backgrounds, still too boring.

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Day 12 – The Grass between the Rocks

AH Saturday..The weekend.. Still trying to get use to my new keyboard, and thinking of what to photograph today…

MMMMM I saw some sort of grass growing in a pot with a tree in outside, I think the grass is from the bird seed that we give the birds in their bird feeder. Messy little birds, playing with their food.

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Another Daisy

Day 9 – Just Another Daisy

It’s just a sad day today, this whole week, a sad, sad, sad day in South Africa, riots and vandalism everywhere. The Country is Burning!

For now we in Pretoria are still safe, but we don’t know where or when the rioters are going to hit.

I just came from the shops, I had to go buy milk and nappies for the twins, most of the shops are already closed. The big PNP is still open, and it seems people are panic buying, but so far there’s no chaos, it’s just busy.

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