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Club Music

Let’s go Clubbing

One evening in October 2011 I was at home, chilling, relaxing, I don’t remember, when my friend called and asked me if I’m busy, and if not if I would like to earn some monies.

Her friend opened a new gay club/bar in Hatfield and they wanted photos of the opening night, I think the photographer he hired didn’t show up.

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Night at The Opera

A Night at The Opera- During a Pandemic

On Sunday we went to a concert at the Pierneef Theatre of my friend and Opera Tenor, Stéfan Louw, called Aria! Opera For Everyone. Stéfan is doing a series of these concerts to raise funds for his wife’s (also my friend) cancer treatments.

This isn’t Opera like you know it, the show is called “Opera for Everyone” and that is exactly what you get.

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