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Art Class

On deciding to go to art class

And not attending Art class

Going to art class was what I wanted to do. When I was in Grade 9 (back in the day we called it Standard 7) we were to choose our school subjects for the following year. I desperately wanted to choose art as a subject. But being the good boy that I was I took the advise from the adults and chose the ‘safe’ subjects. You know, the subjects that would get you a job (hopefully). Because ART is not a job.

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Once upon a Photographer’s Dream

The Dreaming Photographer

In my pursuit of a photographic career and dreaming of becoming a full time photographer, I’ve done it all, just about. Like most photographers new to the craft I started with Wedding Photography. I photographed events and concerts, actors and Opera singers, models and bodybuilders and a DJ or 2.

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