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Graveyard Gifts

Gifts for the dead

Why do we put flowers or gifts on a tombstone?

The gifts we give after they’re gone, is it for them, is it for us or for other people to see?

Is it to show that yes, indeed, we do remember and yes we do visit on occasion.

Once a year with an anniversary, be it the day they died or the day their birthday would heave been in the mortal world.

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The Lonely Tombstone

A Poem – The Lonely Tombstone

Years ago when blogging just started becoming a ‘thing’ I was part of a blogging community. It was a really nice place to be part of, made lots of friends on there and it was just a friendly placeā€¦ We communicated and chatted, shared our thoughts and ideas. There were also photo challenges and writing challenges going on and all kinds of other fun and exciting stuff.

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