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I lost my edits

The photo in this post were taken in 2006, same day as the photos from the blog post I did in January (It’s a Train Smash).

I actually won a photo editing competition in a photographic magazine called PIX (not sure if it still exists). It was an awesome magazine, one of my two favourite magazines of all time.

I won some Adobe software (can’t remember what it was called) with the photo. Excellent feeling to have won something. BUT that’s not what this blog post is about.

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It’s a Train Smash

…Just a Train Smash

We are fortunate in this country to have some nice stuff… and when we are unhappy, we burn that nice stuff to the ground!

I lived close to Transnet’s “train factory” and/or “train graveyard”. I’m not too sure. I had to go in there once and saw there were trains in the big factory warehouses, so I think it might be where they build some trains and also do some repairs.

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