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The Death of Daisy

Day 49 – Dead Daisy

I recently discovered the Stoics; the philosophy of the Stoics. And I realised most of my life I have lived and followed the philosophy of the Stoics in some way. The beliefs I had, the way I saw the world, I finally had a name for it. Stoicism.

Day 49

There are a lot of concepts that makes so much sense to me, which I embrace, already live, but these 2 concepts/practices/beliefs are what I resonate with the most:

Amor Fati

The love of fate, the belief that everything is there to help you and to take you in the direction which you need to go. Make the best out of everything that happens. Everything is a lesson, embrace every moment, don’t try to avoid it. Life happens for you not to you! Love Fate.

Memento Mori

Realize you can die at any moment. When you realize that you can die at any moment, then you will be grateful for the life you do have. If you live knowing you can die at any moment, you will live the most out of the day and each day is an extra day to live. Do what needs to be done.

Ordinary Things

Ok, bit of a side track, but it brought me to where I wanted to be.

The stoics also have another philosophy of finding the beauty (poetry) in ordinary things.

And that is my main GOAL with this lengthy introduction.

I’m reading a book on marketing fine art photography, how to get your name out there and sell your art etc. etc. etc. etc. and the one idea, the idea that I have been struggling with for a very very long time is WHY do I take photographs, or take the kind of photographs that I do currently take. And today it HIT me… Finally!

Short Detour

When I drove the car out of the garage this morning I saw a part of our daisy plant/shrub that died that broke off from the main plant and was lying in the driveway. I saw it and my first thought was, “My photo for the day!”

And that is also when I realised what I do. Why I take the photographs that I do:

I photograph ordinary things, plants, flowers, dead sticks to show the beauty.

It ties in with the thought I had this past weekend, I photograph the ordinary and the flawed, and by getting closer I photograph the beauty of that flawed flower or plant.

It’s sort of a philosophy/metaphor that we are ALL beautiful in some way as well as flawed in some way, NO ONE is perfect, yet EVERY ONE is perfect.

So here is my perfect imperfection.

3 thoughts on “The Death of Daisy

  1. So true! I am happy you have found your why. I was brought up as a stoic. Also didn’t realize it until recently.

    1. Thank you…
      It makes it so much easier to know there’s a ‘name’ for the way you are, then you can do more research, like i’m doing now with reading more about stoicism… so much more wise things to incorporate into ones life.

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