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The Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall Mock-up

When I started this little ‘Fine Art Photography Wall Art’ venture of mine a year or 2 ago, I created Gallery Wall mock-ups of my art work and shared them on Instagram (when I still had an Instagram account). I quite enjoyed creating these mock-ups. Was another Creative outlet.

I gave all these layouts cute little names, like the big square, tiny square, etc. I’m no professional interior decorator so I don’t know all the “Official” names, and that was OK! I had fun!!

I didn’t have a lot of art work back then, and only used art that I sell in the mock-ups.

After photographing and sharing the ‘grass-like plant’ photographs yesterday, which I really liked, I wondered what they would look like printed and on a wall.

Well I had to see, so I created a mock-up of one photograph and shared it on Twitter.

Wall Art Mockup
Grass-Like Mock-Up

It looked pretty rad I think!

I then had to play around with the mock-ups some more, and create two more wall art ideas from yesterdays photos.

2 Coloured photographs and 1 Black & White Photograph:

2 Coloured Grass Wall Art
Black & White Wall Art

The 2 Coloured photographs does look awesome, and they are definitely going to be printed, soon! They compliment each other quite nicely!

Wall Art Ideas

I think I should do that again. Share ideas for a Gallery Wall and create different mock-ups using my photographs, especially now that I have quite a few images to choose from.

Be on the look out for that, might be doing that soon!!! And be warned of some funky names for decor ideas coming your way! HAHA

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