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The Last One

The Last Photo for my Project

We arrived at Dunkeld Country Estate Friday afternoon, luckily I already took my photo for Friday, so Day 60 was done and sorted.

Saturday Morning, we woke up, I went outside, took a quick snap with my camera of our view.


The Last One

This I think was my last photo for this “Photo-a-day” project of mine.

Sunday went by and between the twins, the fresh air and a horse allergy I thought I didn’t have anymore I forgot about my Photo for the day.

So the photo above would is my photo for Saturday, Day 61. The Last One. But I don’t count it really as part of my project.

What NOW?

Not too sure.

Taking a time-out.

I need to be more intentional with my ‘art making/creation’. I will try and photograph at minimum one subject a week, if I photograph it every day, that’s a bonus, but will only share the best photograph(s), the one(s) that will be printed.

I think from end of October I should be able to print again, I’ll then be able to put stock in my shop. I don’t want to just add wall art to my shop if I haven’t printed it yet to make sure the quality is 100. I’m aiming to print at least 2 or 3 images a month.

Hopefully by next year I will have enough stock that I’ll be able to show and sell my work at art markets… My short term goal…

I also think I will print and offer my work on canvas. A lot of people (me included, sometimes) prefer canvas on walls and not framed art so much anymore.

Chasing Zebras

The twins had their first experience seeing huge/real live animals. First day they just wanted to go and touch the zebras roaming the estate. So off we went chasing zebras.

They also saw horses for the first time, and Jayde enjoyed touching them, Ayden not so much, bit on the scared/cautious side. But I think they had a great time.

3 thoughts on “The Last One

  1. Ahhhh what lovely photos of your weekend and your childhood… It tells a happy story. Well done on your accomplishing your task. I have enjoyed following along. May your accomplishments multiply. 🌈💐⚡

    1. ah thank you so much, and for following… Will probably do it again whenever I need a creativity boost 🙂

    2. Wonderful 👍🙋‍♀️

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