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The Leopard Tree

Driving into our complex you’re greeted with this beautiful Leopard Tree.

I actually do like these trees, in all it’s stages, with all it’s leaves, full of flowers and without any leaves. The tree has so much character without any leaves.

The only problem with them is when they loose their leaves… all these tiny tiny leaves lying everywhere and if the tree happens to be next to your house all those leaves can really clog a gutter.

Photographed with my iPhone and edit with Camera+2, my mobile photo editor of choice.

A few years ago, I think it was 2010 I found a Leopard Tree seedling in my garden, I planted it in a pot and made a bonsai out of it. It’s still alive after 10 years. The only problem with it is that it doesn’t flower.

The Leopard Tree usually gets yellow flowers during spring. My little Leopard Tree never had any. Would have loved to see it full of tiny flowers.

Leopard  Tree
The Leopard Tree
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