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The Lonely Tombstone

A Poem – The Lonely Tombstone

Years ago when blogging just started becoming a ‘thing’ I was part of a blogging community. It was a really nice place to be part of, made lots of friends on there and it was just a friendly place… We communicated and chatted, shared our thoughts and ideas. There were also photo challenges and writing challenges going on and all kinds of other fun and exciting stuff.

I took part in one of the challenges; writing something about a photograph of yours. I used a photograph I took a few weeks before (according to the Exif. data it was 2006), so this was a really long time ago, and decided to write a poem.

So here I am sharing it again, after about 14 years. My first poem that I’ve written.

(Please don’t judge me I’m not really a poet!!)

The Lonely Tombstone

The Lonely Tombstone

The Lonely Tombstone
The Lonely Tombstone

This is my mark, this is my life.. Here I am “In Loving Memory Of”

What have I done to deserve this marble?

What have I done to deserve these kind words: “In Loving Memory Of”?

I have caught up with the end of the line.. Not a moment too soon. Not a moment too late.

On this day, on this hour, my final hour, I have reached the end of the line.

For some this line seems never ending, trust me, your day will come, when you too are but a lonely tombstone.

My life went by so quickly, not even a blink of an eye it seems. But the times I hated most seemed to take forever.

If only I had more joy, If only I had more laughter, If only I enjoyed my time on this thin line called life. If only…

So many regrets, so many sorrow, so many heartache, so many tears.. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the joy.

Yet, I tell you, my life was full of joy, full of laughter, full of fun.. I enjoyed my time on this thin line called life.

There was the joy of my first birthday, my first Christmas, my first puppy, my first friend, my best friend.

There was joy of my first school day, my first girlfriend, my first kiss..

Joy of finishing matric, joy of starting to work, joy of my first pay check, the joy I had with that little pay of the first check.. “Drinks on me” I got my first pay check!.

Life on this thin line went on, sometimes there were some knots to unwind.. Looking back it was all worth it, every time I learnt something from it, every time I became stronger. Every time I became a better me.

Looking out at the other lonely tombstones I wonder if they too touched someone’s life? Are they also there “In loving memory of”?

I had some close friends, they always said thank you for being there for them, for helping them out in their time of need. For being there to comfort them when they reached a knot in this line of life. “It was only a pleasure to be part of your life. Thank you for letting me be part of your life, thank you that our lines crossed. I thank you my friend, my family.

Thank you that I’m here ‘In Loving Memory Of’ Knowing you were the best part of my life, knowing you made this life all worth it.”

So here I am a lonely tombstone “In Loving Memory Of”

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